About This Blog

I am writing this blog to help myself get free of my current predicament. To free myself of worry , stress, anxiety and pressure that I put on myself. Like many people I know and I assume most of the people that I don’t, I am my biggest critic and greatest enemy. I have created obstacles and barriers to my own success and happiness at every stage of my life. This blog is an attempt to break through these barriers. Like Roger Waters and Ronald Reagan once proclaimed, “tear down the wall” and break free of this mode of existence.

This blog will share insights into practices that I am undertaking to live a more sustainable, fulfilling and happy life. I plan to learn a great deal along the way. To fail miserably and find joy and learnings in those failings. This blog will act as a public record of these attempts and the hope is that any reader will join me on the journey of self improvement. Please take what you can from this blog, I know similar blogs have helped me a great deal. Most of all, enjoy the now. It’s all that exists, there is nothing more, nothing less.

Topics that I hope to touch and cover as time goes by are listed below but are by no means extensive.

  • Financial Independence
  • Philosophy
  • Habit Alteration and Self Improvement
  • New Hobby Development
  • Sustainable Living including Health, Exercise and Diet
  • Serviceable Deeds
  • Occasional Travel Insights
  • Coding and Data Analytics Insights

If there are any topic suggestions that you think should be covered or believe I might find it of use to look at, please drop me a mail at the below address or in the comment box below.

Email: soontobefreeblog at gmail dot com